Emergency Management Services

The Town of Sundre Emergency Management Department (Previously called Disaster Services) is comprised of a Director and Deputy Director(s) who engage the services and skills of other employees, businesses and government departments as required.  Sundre is part of the Mountain View Emergency Management Agency. This committee meets quarterly to discuss emergency plans, preparedness and training and are ready to support one another's communities when called upon.

A disaster is considered an event that may result in serious harm to the safety, health and welfare of people or property.  For example, the Town experienced a flood disaster in 2005 and similar threats since then. This vital role acts to mitigate flood situations and other events such as severe weather every year for the Town.  Emergency Management is responsible for developing and maintaining the municipal emergency plan, providing emergency management training and ensuring that the Town can continue with critical services and programs during and following a disaster.  

It is important to understand that instructions on what action the public is to take will only ever come directly from town officials by means of:

2.  The Town of Sundre Web Page

Furthermore it is also important that Town residents be prepared for a disaster that may affect them by having food and shelter for at least 72 hours.  Information on preparedness and "72 hour kits” can be found at:

Emergency and Disaster Services Information

The latest weather information offered by Environment Canada. To see the latest radar images (showing oncoming precipitation), click on the radar/satellite information button, then the Calgary area to see real-time images from Strathmore radar.

Helpful Environment Canada Dashboard widgets for the Mac are also available here.

This site shows the flows and levels in the Red Deer River Sub Basin up to about two hours ago in either table or figure form. The idea is to check upstream of your location to see what might be affecting flows in your area. For Sundre, one should check the flows from the Burnt Timber and Panther Rivers as the increase in flows in these locations usually arrive in Sundre within 6-8 hours.

Ever wonder how much snow we have in the mountains to the west? This site will show you the Limestone Ridge area.

This site offers additional information about stream flow advisories, weather, and other related information.

Other Useful Links 
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