Community Services

Community Services in Sundre encompasses both the Parks and Recreation and Community Services roles for the municipality.  The Community Services Department, in working with others, has a very real and important impact on the overall development of the community.  This department is responsible, in large measure, for ensuring a good first impression in terms of how the community looks, as well as partnering with other groups & organizations to ensure a broad range of recreation and leisure opportunities is available to existing and potential new residents.

The overall goal of this department is to support active, healthy living through the effective provision of services and facilities.  This department is the primary point of engagement with the community in all matters relating to recreation and culture programming, events and facilities.  As well, the department is responsible for ensuring that all facilities are used to their fullest potential, generating appropriate revenues to help offest the cost of these facilities to taxpayers.


Community Services is responsible for:

Recreation and Culture – Both the Town and Mountain View County contribute funds to Recreation and Culture activities and organizations within the Town of Sundre.  Community Services manages the grant funds that are allocated to:  the Sundre Community Centre, Arena, Baseball, Recreation Fields (Soccer, Skate Park), Outdoor Rinks, the Sundre Aquatic Centre, and a Recreation and Culture Grant that non-profit organizations can apply for.

Collaboration on Events & Activities - The Community Services Department supports and encourages recreation, leisure and cultural opportunities for Sundre residents to ensure personal well-being, quality of life and a vibrant sense of community.  They also encourage and support the development of partnerships and cooperative relationships, and participate in planning and delivering a variety of special events throughout the year, such as Canada Day festivities. 

Town Landscaping, Parks & Playgrounds - Community Services undertakes all park planning and design, overseeing construction, grounds keeping, horticultural and natural areas management, and all maintenance.  This department is also responsible for all of the Town’s landscaping, summer décor, tree maintenance, and grass and weed maintenance.

Trails - Community Services undertakes all planning and design of trails and open spaces, oversees construction, and trail maintenance.  This department’s main responsibility is to ensure that citizens are safe while walking, running, skiing or biking on Town trails by ensuring that debris is removed, cracks are repaired, signage is adequate and open spaces around the trails are maintained.

Arena - Community Services ensures that the building and ice surface is well maintained and that user needs are met.  This department is responsible for scheduling and renting the ice surface and club room. 

Sundre Community Centre – offers resident and visiting users a full suite of event/function facilities within one building.  This department is responsible for scheduling and renting the community gym and conference room, for maintaining the building, and ensuring its 4 tenants' needs are met.

Recreation Fields - Community Services maintains the ball diamonds and tennis courts owned by Chinooks Edge School Division.  this partnership allows the Town to conduct regular maintenance during the season and manage all bookings.

Greenwood Campground - Community Services ensures that a Campground Host is contracted each year to deliver excellent customer service to our users.  The department oversees the Host and Campground maintenance.  They ensure that the campground is clean, firewood is provided, the washhouse and dumping station are cared for and that users enjoy a great experience while visiting Sundre.