Emergency Preparedness

 Please visit https://www.alberta.ca/ for information on Emergency Preparedness for all extreme weather events. 



Blizzards, freezing rain, ice storms and extreme cold

Learn about blizzards and extreme cold conditions and what you can do to protect yourself and others.

Fact sheet

Blizzards, freezing rain, and ice storms (English)

This fact sheet explains how to be prepared when faced with a severe storm. Download, print or share. The factsheet can be downloaded in 10 different languages from the dedicated webpage. 

Get Prepared: 60 Second Emergency Tip video

How can you prepare for extreme cold?

Learn how to stay safe when the temperature drops below -40°C or wind chill makes it feel that cold.


Winter hazards preparedness infographic

Severe winter weather can be dangerous without a plan. Protect yourself and others by knowing the risks of winter hazards and make a plan.

Web directory


This directory identifies what products the Be Prepared program offers and where they are located on the web.


Safer winter highways

Learn how to winterize your vehicle and stay safe on roadways during winter.


Working in extreme temperatures

Health and safety information and work site practices for working in extreme cold or heat.