Municipal Enforcement

Municipal Enforcement

The Town of Sundre is recognized by the Alberta Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Services as an authorized employer of Community Peace Officers, pursuant to the Alberta Peace Officer Act. The Town of Sundre employs Community Peace Officers and Bylaw Officers to enforce various Provincial Legislation and Municipal Bylaws.

You can report your concern in person at the Town of Sundre Administration Office located at 717 Main Ave W, or call (403) 638-3551 to complete a concern form.

When you report your concern, we will ask you your full name and address, and a phone number where we can reach you. This information is kept confidential. Anonymous complaints received are not investigated.

In relation to the concern, you will need to describe:

-       the situation you wish to report. Provide the names of all involved, date(s), day(s) of the week, month, year and time(s) the event or activity occurred.

-       the address or location where the event occurred.

-       what you saw or heard, providing as much detail as you can to describe the matter you are reporting.

-       the action you wish taken.

The Officer assigned will investigate your concern based on the evidence available. Insufficient evidence will not result in prosecution.

Once Municipal Enforcement receives a concern, an Officer is dispatched to contact the person in question.

Concerns are responded to on a priority basis. Response time will depend on availability of personnel at the time of the call, and the priority of the concern compared with other calls received.

If the Officer finds evidence of a Bylaw contravention, the Officer may take the following steps:

-       Educate the person(s) regarding the Bylaw.

-       Issue a verbal or written warning to adhere to the Bylaw. This may be accompanied by a grace period to allow for the person(s) make arrangements to comply with the Bylaw.

-       If the matter is not resolved during the specified time period, a ticket may be issued.

During the course of an investigation, you may be asked to provide a written statement of what you observed. You may also be asked if you would be willing to testify in court. Your testimony would be essential if you want to have a charge laid where an Officer has not personally witnessed the infraction. If you are not willing to provide a statement or testify in court, a charge will not be laid.

What happens when I get a bylaw ticket?

A bylaw ticket is used by a Community Peace Officer or Bylaw Officer when a bylaw is contravened.

The ticket outlines the following:

-       The offence description with the bylaw.

-       The offence date and time.

-       The penalty amount.

-       The description of the vehicle, animal, or location.

*Please note that the ticket must be paid within 30 days of the service date

How do I pay for a bylaw ticket?

You can pay your bylaw ticket in the following ways:

-       In person at the Town of Sundre Administration Office during office hours.

-       A cheque or money order along with the bylaw ticket can be mailed to the Town of Sundre Administration Office.

What happens if I do not pay the bylaw ticket?

If a bylaw ticket is not paid in full, a Provincial Violation ticket may be issued to the individual. This ticket will have instructions printed on it for either payment, appearance at court for payment, or to plead not guilty and will have a required court appearance date printed on it. Failure to attend court may result in a conviction in absence. Please be aware that additional penalties and motor vehicle services denial may be put into effect until all fines and penalties are paid. In some cases, a provincial warrant can be issued.

What can I do about a cat in my yard?

We encourage you to talk to your neighbour or the owner of the cat to resolve the issue. If this fails, call the Town of Sundre Administration Office at (403) 638-3551 to report the concern.

I found a lost dog.  What should I do?

If you can establish ownership of the dog, you can return the animal to its rightful owner.  The Town of Sundre is not currently able to authorize the capture and holding of any animal, such as cats or dogs, stray or otherwise. Due to a rise in the number of feral and or abandoned animals, the lack of available shelter space in the province is at an all time low.  As a result, the Town is unable to provide short and long-term care or re-homing services because we cannot take long term responsibility for these animals if they remain unclaimed.

My neighbour’s dog won’t stop barking.  What can I do?

We encourage you to address the situation with your neighbor prior to initiating a concern. If the issue is not resolved, please fill out the Town of Sundre Barking Dog Log package. Over a period of seven days, you will need track and document every time you notice or hear the dog barking. The Barking Dog Log should be delivered to the Town of Sundre Administration Office at 717 Main Ave W to start the concern process.

*Please note that no action will be taken by Municipal Enforcement if the complainant is not willing to testify in a court of law on behalf of information in the Town of Sundre Barking Dog Log package.