Operational Services

The Operational Services Department (Public Works) primarily oversees the Natural Gas Services, Street Services and Water and Wastewater Services departments.  The operations department works out of the Town Shop that's shared with Mountain View County.

Sundre Town Shop
5417 TWP Rd. 325B
Mountain View County, Alberta

The Town of Sundre provides the safe and reliable supply of natural gas to approximately 1350 meter locations within the town, delivering an average of 200-1000 Mcf (thousand cubic feet) of gas a day to 1281 residences and businesses. The department carries out the following duties:
  • Maintains a first response program for gas odour, leaks and carbon monoxide calls;
  • Installation of all new gas services in new developments;
  • Maintenance and testing of the distribution system;
  • Infrastructure upgrades;
  • Ensures compliance to the Alberta One Call Program;
  • Participates in the Town On Call system;
  • Preparation of yearly Capital and Operating Budgets
Street Services
The Streets Department provides a well maintained infrastructure of streets, sidewalks, alleys, storm drainage and associated signage. The duties carried out by the streets department includes:
  • Snow plowing and sanding;
  • Street sweeping;
  • Pothole patching, crack sealing and spray patching;
  • Line and curb painting;
  • Sidewalk repair;
  • Maintenance of storm water drainage systems;
  • Annual sidewalk and road inspections;
  • Preparations of yearly Capital and Operating Budgets.
Water and Wastewater Services
The Water and Wastewater department ensures that the Town is provided with a safe and secure supply of water and reliable system for wastewater treatment. The main duties of the department includes:
  • Supervision of the Town Water Treatment Plant.
  • Operation and maintenance of the water distribution system.
  • Operation and maintenance of the Town Wastewater Treatment Facility.
  • Operation and maintenance of the wastewater collection system.
  • All water and wastewater testing.
  • Supervision of all new services.
  • Preparation of yearly Capital and Operating Budgets.