Business Visitation Triage Program

Helping Keep Sundre's Economy Strong & Diverse 

In the wake of COVID, Sundre Economic Development will soon be conducting a new Business Visitation Program (BVP) as a triage of local businesses to determine the state of the local commercial sector, and our economy overall, in support of business retention and expansion and business attraction. 

BVPs are typically conducted to help contribute toward business retention and expansion, by studying workforce trends and planning, supply chain issues, revenue and expenses, and the overall commercial confidence of a local area. They look at as many factors as possible, and are an important means by which we can identify "red flags" - in other words, businesses or situations of particular concern that may require attention to help them from shutting down or relocating. 
The goals of this Business Visitation Triage Program are:
  • To identify situations of particular concern ("Red Flags") that may require immediate attention;
  • To generate data and awareness about trends in the local commercial/economic environment;
  • To learn about areas for potential program development, process improvement and resource allocation;
  • To leverage existing strengths to augment investment attraction and marketing efforts.
BVP surveying will rely on both qualitative and quantitative data, which will be gathered by a combination of in-person interviews, over-the-phone and online through unique digital assigned pin-codes. Keep an eye out for outreach to your business from Sundre Economic Development and/or one of our partners with the Sundre & District Chamber of Commerce, or MDB Insight, an economic development & research firm. 

We are aiming to interview 100 businesses in a variety of industries. If you would like to guarantee your participation and contribute to this important study, contact economic development to be put on the scheduling list. Together, let's continue to grow Sundre. 

For more information, contact or call Jon Allan, Economic Development Officer and Project Manager at 403-638-3551 x 111.