Economic Development

coffee"Economic Development is the process of developing and maintaining suitable economic, social, and political environments in which balanced growth may be realized, increasing the wealth of the community." 

Economic Development is, put simply, the process of creating an environment conducive to investment. Therefore, ultimately, economic development involves the strategic implementation of programs, projects, and services that are intended to make a particular geographic area a great place to live, work, and play. 

Every community has a different set of assets and resources (staff, financial, built capacity, human capacity, etc.).  Each is in a different state of readiness and each has a different set of goals. Therefore, economic development can look like something different everywhere you go.

Sundre Economic Development delivers a range of core services, all aimed at strengthening our economic base – by attracting new businesses, new visitors and new residents to Sundre, and via the expansion of our existing businesses. Our Priority #1 is working with existing businesses to help them remain competitive and healthy. 

Our core services include:

  • Community Readiness – identifying and targeting foundation and information issues of any kind to ensure we are ready to respond to opportunities for attracting new residents, tourists and businesses
  • Business Development – strengthening the business sector from within through Retention & Expansion efforts, and seeking new investment into the community through Business Attraction efforts
  • Marketing – building and strengthening our brand as a community and promoting Sundre as a desirable place to Visit, Live, Explore ... and do business
  • Research and Information Services – to serve our own internal economic development needs and to assist in meeting the needs of the business community
  • "Pathfinding” – connecting businesses to the tools and resources they need
  • Tourism and Destination Development - This involves working with community groups and businesses to ensure we are the best hosts possible, while also ensuring that our community is friendly and easily navigable for visitors. 
Through communication and collaboration, we work to build and maintain relationships with the local business community and new or potential stakeholders.

For more information, contact:
Jon Allan
Economic Development Officer
403-638-3551 ext #111