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Explore Beyond Sundre. See What's Out West.

There are a myriad of things to do if you decide to Explore beyond Sundre. Did you know that Sundre's tourism trade area extends into the south of David Thompson Country?  Here are a few suggestions for you to extend your time in the Sundre and West Country area.

Explore the Wilderness

With so much at Sundre's doorstep, how could you not want to spend time here?

Sundre is the last town before heading into the wilds of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.  Heading due west would take you directly into Banff National Park, but you'll only really be able to get as far as Ya-Ha Tinda.  From the ranches out in that area, you can go horseback riding further into the mountains, into Banff, or simply explore the beautiful nearby area that you'll find yourself in.


Hiking around the West Country is a great way to explore, and there are other rafting companies further west as well.


There's lots on offer in the adjacent areas of Mountain View County and Clearwater County.


Fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, trail riding, rafting - it's all at your doorstep when you make Sundre your home base.

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Sunset Guiding and Outfitters

Sunset Guiding is one of the area's premier trail riding outfits, located in the West Country.

Located west of Sundre, they're just 5 kms from the old Mountain Aire Lodge site.

Featuring heated cabins, meals and an unbeatable setting, Sunset Guiding is your premier trail riding destination.



Painted Warrior Outdoor Education Centre

Aboriginal adventures and learning

Located just south of Sundre, Painted Warriors is an Explore Sundre partner that provides people of all ages the opportunity to learn about aboriginal culture along with the uses of the forest around them, including via day trips and kids camps.  People who visit Painted Warriors will be taken on a walk through the woods, they'll eat traditional indigenous foods, and they'll learn to shoot bow and arrow. 

This is a great opportunity for people of all ages. 

Call Tracey at Painted Warriors for more information: 1-403-637-9138



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Boating, Near Sundre

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