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Stretch Your Legs in our Backyard

From the trails along our Red Deer River to the multiple kilometers of trails along the Snake Hill Recreation Area, Sundre and the West Country will allow you to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Enjoy the Journey

With so much at Sundre's doorstep, how could you not want to spend time here? 


Located In-Town - Sundre's Snake Hill Recreation Area and Riverside Trails

Sundre's Snake Hill is a conservation area boasting more than 17 kms of groomed nature trails that are great for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing. It's a great place to stretch your legs when visiting our community.

Located in the north end of Sundre, while exploring Snake Hill you're likely to come across deer and moose, so bring your camera. 

Sundre Trails Map


There are lots of campgrounds with trails, and some areas right off the Forestry Trunk Road that will allow you to pull over and hike for several hours. Note that some roads are private use and are to be used at your own discretion.

Check out some of these routes for starters - Note that these links will direct you to external websites and we cannot guarantee their accuracy, and as with all hiking, nor can we guarantee your safety. Many of the following routes are not maintained trail routes, so proceed with caution. 

Amazing Hikes near Ya-Ha Tinda Ranch, West of Sundre

Sundre is the last town heading west before getting into the slopes of the eastern Rocky Mountains. We call this land the West Country. This is our playground and backyard. It's Sundre territory, but located in Clearwater County. About 1 hour west of Sundre along gravel roads (down the Coal Camp road and Forestry Trunk Road), located in our trade area and countryside is the jewel of our territory called Ya Ha Tinda

Hidden Falls Hike - 15 km round-trip

Bighorn Falls and Lower Bighorn Falls Loop - 7.4 kms

Evangeline Peak - 8.2 kms

Kublai Peak - 21.4 kms 

If you're into Ice Climbing - here's a great blog article on how to Ice Climb the gorgeous Big Horn Falls. 

(Pro tip: Spectacular Mountains provides this compendium of off-trail hiking and scambling in the Ya Ha Tinda area west of Sundre.)  


Ya-Ha Tinda Ranch is an almost 10,000 acre ranch owned by the Canadian federal government to train the National Park rangers' horses. Ya-Ha Tinda means 'mountain plains' in the Stoney language. It borders Banff National Park, and features great camping, horse trails, hiking  trails, lakes and rivers, and beautiful waterfalls. You'll often encounter much wildlife, including newly reintroduced bison. Alberta's famous herds of wild horses also roam these parts. 

This land is sacred to the First Nations of the area, as well as today's residents too. This area of the world means everything to us. 



Between Sundre and Ya Ha Tinda

Eagle Lake Hike - 9km round-trip.

Eagle Mountain Hike - 12.4km round-trip. 

Maze Peak - 6km round-trip.

Blue Hill Lookout - 15.3 kms round-trip

Located south of Sundre. Follow Highway 27, which turns into Hwy 584 to the Coal Camp Road. The Blue Hill trailhead is located east of the Forestry Trunk Road. Blue Hill presents a one of a kind view from a lookout tower located 1,846 meters above sea level.

Other Trails and Mountains Further West of Sundre

Explore the beautiful foothills and mountains west of Sundre. The pristine wilderness, without the crowds of Banff, really provides the perfect opportunity to feel what it is to be human.

Burnt Timber Lookout and Zombie Loop - 14.3 kms

Limestone Mountain & Fire Lookout - 12.2 kms