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Memorial Bench Program

Policy and Procedure E-011-00
Adopted by Town of Sundre Council November 7, 2016

Policy Statement:

To recognize and assist Community Donors' plans to commemorate or honour family, friends, or events with the Town of Sundre. This policy establishes funding requirements and standards for all bench donations.

Purpose for Policy:

To maintain a list and map of available locations where memorial benches can be placed within the Town of Sundre public open spaces; these locations are based on need, public convenience, ease of maintenance, and other factors. Donors are responsible for all costs associated with purchase, assembly, installation, maintenance and delivery of memorial benches.

Bench applications must be submitted on or before March 1st for May month installation and by July 2nd for September installation.

For more details review the Policy and Procedures 



Grants Provided by the Town of Sundre Available to Businesses and Residents 

1. Storefront Improvement Grant - Receive up to $5,000 per application

Council approved $15,000 to be spent on Storefront Improvements of local businesses within the Town of Sundre. The grant, which was first utilized in 2014, is issued by the economic development office to help improve the aesthetic environment of Sundre's downtown core. That said, any business (with exceptions and restrictions) may apply and receive funding. Grants are issued following the successful submission of an application, based on the advice of Sundre's Corridor Enhancement Committee.  Up to $5000 is available per business, including the opportunity for a free architectural design consultation. 

Applications must be received by August 31st of the current year, and work must be completed within 6 months or before December 1st of the calendar year. 
2. Sundre Event Development Initiative Fund (SEDIF) - Receive up to $2,500 per application

The SEDIF grant is intended to be used as an economic diversifier targeting the events and tourism sectors. The grant can be issued on a yearly basis to events that are found to show great potential and/or provide a substantial contribution to Sundre's local real economy.

Event planners interested in hosting an event that is open to the public and that specifically acts as a draw for visitors from more than 40 kilometres away should apply for a grant of $1,500, which can be used for anything relating to the promotion and execution of the event itself.

Event planners should ensure all bylaws are respected and permits attained before the grant funds are issued.  

Applications should be received no later than 60 days prior to the event date.  

3. Commercial Landscape Improvement Grant

The Commercial Landscape Improvement Grant is developed for the businesses located within Sundre's downtown core with a goal of improving the look and feel of downtown Sundre.   This program is managed and administered by the Economic Development Department under the guidance of the Downtown Area Revitalization Committee.  The application deadline has been extended to August 31st of the current year.

For information on any of these grants, contact the town office - (403)-638-3551, or click Contacts