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Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Sundre is the quintessential Alberta community.Hard-working. Near nature. Agricultural roots. Resource dominated economy (including value-added forestry, oil and gas).
With a small population of nearly 3,000 people, but with a trading area population 3 times that amount, Sundre in fact has a bustling economy - this is visible when you drive down our Main Avenue, which doubles as Highway 27/22 - the Cowboy Trail.
You will see many trucks, lots of movement, all as part of the rhythm of this active community. New developments are ongoing, including residential and industrial expansions. Residentially, we can't keep up - there's still a mild labour shortage in the areas of skilled trades and other specialty services.
Are you an engineer? Lawyer? Architect? Financial Planner? Massage Therapist? Baker? We need you.
The standard of living in Sundre is superb. Infrastructure continues to be expanded.
Partnerships with Olds College are expanding the post-secondary presence in town, leading to a high-quality workforce. These are the reasons people continue to move here, expand here, and ultimately maintain the activity ongoing in this region.
Being close to the mountains, hiking the trails in town, seeing the river, golfing on your lunch break ... and all while making a good life for yourself - this is what life is all about.


More than 7 million vehicles pass through Sundre every year, whether for industrial work, or for the opportunity to head into the wild of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Many people come to Sundre on their way up to Jasper.
Whatever the reason, travel to Sundre is booming. The Sundre Visitor Information Centre is seeing record numbers of people stop in. Sundre campgrounds are some of the best you can find in any community, being so close to the Red Deer River. Friendly deer await the opportunity to greet any traveller. Tall Timber Leisure Park campground in Sundre is experiencing great growth - get your reservations in early.
Sundre hotels are often busy with the influx of workers taking advantage of the economic opportunities. The newly constructed Mountainview Inn and Suites is gorgeous, and has helped to alleviate the shortage of rooms available.

Go check it out!

Sundre rafting company Otter Rafting Adventures provides the most fun you can have on any river in the West.
Not too dangerous, yet still exciting enough to throw you overboard. A must-do for anybody spending time in Sundre.
That said, if you're unable (or unwilling) to take the plunge, stop by David and Byron's shop to see their collection of home made pottery and art. It's truly a diverse mash-up they've got - rafting and pottery.
It's all part of the Sundre culture. We really recommend you visit the unique and superb Sundre Pioneer Village Museum.
It's got a great exhibit, really one-of-a-kind, on animal diversity through various parts of the world - called The World of Wildlife. On a nice day, exploring the Sundre Pioneer Village can't be beat, and if it's a little dreary out, head inside the museum to learn about Sundre and the West Country's pioneer roots. Whatever you're here for - a tournament, an adventure, visiting friends and family, or just a weekend getaway - be sure to walk around and explore our trails and pathways.
Grab a coffee.
Perhaps head out to one of the local pubs for a night out. Just enjoy yourself. Make yourself home. This is what life is all about.


We hope to hear from you.
Call the Town of Sundre 1 403 638 3551
717 Main Ave West,
Box 420
Sundre, AB
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