Protective Services

Protective services encompasses Bylaw Services, Disaster Services and Fire Services.
Municipal Enforcement

The Town of Sundre is recognized by the Alberta Solicitor General as an authorized employer of Community Peace Officers, pursuant to the Alberta Peace Officer Act. The Town of Sundre’s Community Peace Officer is provincially appointed. The Peace Officer is responsible for the enforcement of various provincial regulations, the Town's bylaws, and enhancing, preserving, and maintaining community standards to ensure a safe, healthy and vibrant community through the development, education and compliance of bylaws.  Bylaw Control ensures that neighbors live in harmony and act as responsible citizens.
Peace Officers investigate and resolve complaints/inquiries, conduct routine preventive patrols, and when necessary, take remedial action or enforcement including education, warnings or ticketing. The Town prefers to work with residents for voluntary compliance of the community bylaws before enacting enforcement actions, such as issuing tickets, issuing orders or seeking stronger solutions. Further, the Peace Officer is in charge of Animal Control services and develops related bylaws.
Community Peace Officers handle various enforcement issues and assist with Fire and Police (RCMP).

Animal Control

The Animal Control function is a contracted position, working to ensure citizens are responsible pet owners, lost cats and dogs are reunited with their owners, and that shelter is provided for cats and dogs that have been impounded.  The Animal Control Officer may also provide adoption services for cats and dogs.  (Call 403-638-1888.)  The Town Peace Officer oversees Animal Control services and develops related bylaws.

Fire Department

The Sundre Fire Department is a municipal department of the Town of Sundre.  It has a long and proud history of providing emergency protective services to the Town of Sundre and the surrounding rural area consisting of portions of Mountain View County, Clearwater County, and the M.D. of Big Horn.  The primary response area of the Sundre Fire Department is large at approximately 3,800 square kilometers. Our members are trained in and respond to all types of emergency situations ranging from structural fires, wild land fires, medical assists, water, ice, and back country rescues, just to name a few.

The Sundre Fire Department’s commitment to our members is to provide the training and resources for our members to reach their personal goals. Regular training sessions are held on Wednesday nights to maintain skill sets and course training to NFPA Standards for members to receive their Professional Firefighter Qualifications. 

To learn more about about the Fire Department and how to become a member, visit here.
Disaster Services  
For more information on Disaster Services, please visit the Emergency Management Page