Waste Removal & Recycling

The Waste Removal & Recycling function is managed by Sundre's Operations Department; however, it contracts the Can Pak Environmental Ltd. to provide garbage and compost pick-up services for the Town and to operate the Eco-site / Transfer Station.

2018 Waste, Compost and Recycling Pick-up Schedule


Recycling Information:

January 2013 Message from the Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission  -  "We would like to commend the citizens of Olds, Didsbury, Sundre, Carstairs, Cremona and Mountain View County for their excellent commitment to the environment.  In the past month together we diverted 200 Tonnes of valuable resources from our landfill.  This included 97 Tonnes of Cardboard and 50 Tonnes of Paper.  Over 300 Christmas trees were delivered to our Eco Sites for recycling.  We thank you for making us one of the recycling leaders in Alberta.  With this overwhelming contribution of recyclables we would like to thank you for your patience during this busy season.  In the future your Commission will strive to be more effective in meeting your continued recycling efforts."

Need a Compost Bin for in your kitchen?

The Town of Sundre has small green compost bins that fit perfectly on your kitchen counter. They are $7.30 + GST each.  To purchase one, please see the Town Office!

Green Bin Tips

 Keep Your Green Cart Clean

  1. Rinse your green cart with lemon juice, vinegar or baking soda to reduce odors & keep bugs out. Bay, mint or eucalyptus leaves also mask odors
  2. Spray your green cart with cooking oil in the winter to minimize risk of items freezing to the cart and ensure easy removal of waste
  3. Ice is nice. Keeping your meat or fish scraps in the freezer until collection day helps reduce odors and prevents flies from laying eggs (producing maggots)

 Reduce Odor

  1. Store your cart in a shaded or covered area
  2. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda or powdered laundry detergent (without bleach) at the bottom of the cart and over layers of organic waste
  3. Wait until right before pickup to clean out the refrigerator
  4. When composting animal waste, put the waste in a compostable bag and tie it

 Keep Animals and Bugs Away

  1. Sprinkling a strong smelling biodegradable repellent such as vinegar or detergent will help keep pests away
  2. Peppermint oil, cayenne or chilli pepper or hot sauce can act as anti-gnawing repellents and help deter animals from taking an interest in your cart
  3. Make sure you keep the cart lid closed at all times to prevent animals and flies getting in


Did You Know...

If you dispose of the wrong materials in your green bin, the entire load for your area may be dumped into the landfill instead of being made into earth-friendly compost.  This greatly increases disposal costs for the entire town and fills up our landfill.

Extra Garbage Bags 

Residents requiring additional garbage pickup must purchase designated garbage bags from the Town Office for $4.00 per bag plus GST.

Only bags purchased from the Town of Sundre for the purpose of extra waste will be collected.

Extra bags will be collected on the same day as the black roll out carts.