Your utility bill in Sundre covers natural gas, water, sewer, waste and recycling service.  Electricity is provided by Epcor or Enmax.


 For consumer questions or assistance with utility matters, contact the Alberta Government's Utilities Consumer Advocate website.

Natural Gas

  • The Town of Sundre distributes and manages its Natural Gas utility.  The Town began providing Natural Gas to the community in 1962, and is a member of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops.  This enables the Town to provide consumers with a stable and competitively priced gas supply. 
    • Flat Rate Distribution Charge: $26.00/month
    • Consumption Charge: Natural Gas Cost plus $1.45/GJ
    • Gas System Improvement Charge: $0.21/GJ


  • The Town's water utility infrastructure is comprised of over 18.9 kilometers of water mains, two source wells, two reservoirs and a water treatment plant (construction completed in 2011).  The water treatment plant provides safe drinking water for domestic, commercial, idustrial and emergency use.  The quality and quantity of Sundre's water exceeds fire-fighting demands, applicable health standards and operates under an Alberta Environment Approval.  The water treatment plant is owned and operated by the Town of Sundre.
    • Flat Rate Distribution Charge: $20.50/month
    • Consumption Charge: $2.25/cubic meter
    • Storm Water Charge: $5.25/month


  • The wastewater infrastructure is comprised of over 18.1 kilometers of sewer mains, a three-cell aerated lagoon system and five lift stations.  The municipality is also responsible for all lateral connections from the sewer main to the property line.  The Town collects and treats an average of 1800 cubic meters a day at the lagoon.
    • Flat Rate Distribution Charge: $20.50/month
    • Consumption Charge: $1.35/cubic meter of metered water

Solid Waste Removal & Disposal

  • The waste removal & recycling program is managed by Sundre's Operations Department; however, it contracts Can Pak Environmental Inc. to provide Garbage and Compost pick-up services for the Town and to operate the Eco-site/Transfer Station and the recycling centre.
    • Residential Flat Rate: $25.65/month
    • Commercial users: Direct Contract with private service providers.


  • Residents are not required to use the companies listed below. It is recommended that consumers research to determine which electricity company will work best for their needs.  Some companies are listed below.


  • Residential and Commercial areas in Sundre all have access to Telus land lines.  
  • With advancements in technology and your rights as a consumer, you have alternate options available to you through other communication methods and companies.  
  • Contact Telus Toll Free Tel: 310-2255


  • For your TV entertainment needs, research available satellite tv companies to find out which company works best for you and your family. The most common companies in Sundre include Bell, Shaw & Telus.
  • Cable Television is not accessible in Sundre.


Downloadable FORMS

Change Bank Account Information Form

Duplicate Billing Form (to allow renters to receive a utility bill)

E-Bill Request Form (to receive your utility bill by email)

Gas Budget Billing Form

Gas Service Line Application Form

Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement Form

Pre-Authorized Debit Cancellation Form



Link: Utility Related Bylaws