Town of Sundre Recycling Facility Intended for Residential Use Only

The Town of Sundre would like to advise residents and businesses that the recycling facility is intended explicitly for residential recycling only. Businesses should therefore outsource their recycling collection.

As a result of commercial dumping, the recycle facility has regularly been exceeding capacity and hindered the ability of residents to utilize the bins provided. This also substantially increases the cost to operate the facility with an increased number of bin collections being required.  In addition, the commercial dumping has now caused an increase in Town staff daily inspection and maintenance time to ensure the facility does not become unsightly.

Please be reminded that non-residential use of the facility is not allowed. This includes farm and agricultural operations.

Concerns and questions are advised to be directed to the Town of Sundre department of operational services.

For information on the Recycle Facility and its operations, please contact the Town of Sundre Department of Operational Services at 403-638-4707