Getting to know Town Council

Town Council is made up of 7 Sundre residents, each extremely dedicated to this community, and each committed to doing the best job they can for the residents of Sundre - their friends, family and neighbours - and for the business sector, as well.  While each individual member of Council brings a range of personal experience and interests to the table, they all want the same thing in the end ... a thriving community with a strong economic base, a strong base of health and social services, a high level of engagement from and with the public in all community affairs, sound facilities and quality amenities, and a community where all partners are pulling in the same direction.

Photo courtesy of Simon Ducatel / Sundre Roundup

Left to Right: Councillor Isaac, Councillor Vardas, Councillor Blatchford, Mayor Leslie, Councillor Funke, Councillor McFadden, Councillor Thompson

Mayor Terry Leslie

Councillor Paul Isaac

Councillor Cheri Funke

Councillor Verna McFadden

Councillor Nolan Blatchford

Councillor Myron Thompson

Councillor Chris Vardas