Residential Snow Removal
The Town of Sundre operations department reminds residents that during the winter months, vehicles should be moved off of streets that are signed for snow removal. The bylaw states the vehicles must be moved every 72 hours. The Town focuses on streets that are prone to storm melt issues and condition. Back lanes are done when they are deemed necessary. Please note that while streets are being cleaned, an occurring snow event will trigger the focus back onto priority routes.
When vacationing for more than 24 hours most insurance policies for homeowners stipulate that the residence should be checked on by someone while you are away.  This will not only ensure that your vehicle is moved for snow removal, but it will also to ensure water and sewer services are operating in the home, therefore preventing freezing in the piping. 
Jim Hall Operations Manager
Bylaw Information

Traffic Bylaw

7.26  No person shall park or permit to be parked a vehicle on any highway for more than seventy-two (72) consecutive hours unless otherwise permitted by the Chief Administrative Officer or delegate in writing. 


76(1)  Except as otherwise permitted under this Act, a person shall not

     (a)    abandon a vehicle on a highway, or

     (b)    abandon a vehicle on public or private property without the consent of the owner or person in possession or control of the property.

(2)  A vehicle that is

      (a)    left standing on a highway for more than 72 consecutive hours, unless otherwise provided for in a bylaw in the case of a highway under the direction, control and management of the council of a municipality, or

      (b)    left standing on public or private property for more than 72 consecutive hours without the consent of the owner or person in possession or control of the property,

is deemed to have been abandoned at that location.