Mini Roundabout Information


Location: Hwy 27 through Downtown Sundre from west of 4th St intersection to east of Centre St intersection, or a distance of just under 1 km.

Project Description: The project involves the construction of three mini-roundabouts at the Hwy 27 intersections with 4th St, 3rd St and 2nd St in Downtown Sundre. The existing 4-lane Hwy 27 cross-section will be reduced to a 2-lane cross section between Centre St and 6th St. The Hwy 27 and Centre St intersection will remain signalized with modifications to the lane configurations.

The project is being implemented to improve pedestrian accommodation along the corridor in response to concerns raised by the local community regarding the impact of the existing Hwy 27 4-lane cross-section in the Downtown area of Sundre. The tight 4-lane cross-section causes traffic to travel in close proximity to the narrow sidewalks and can be intimidating to pedestrians and in some cases cause damage to adjacent properties.

The new 2-lane cross-section will provide a buffer zone between the travel lanes and the narrow sidewalks. No on-street parking will be permitted along this section of Hwy 27. In addition, no left turns will be permitted to local businesses/properties between the mini-roundabouts as this will potentially cause delay to the Hwy 27 through traffic. Passenger car traffic wishing to access these properties will be required to perform U-turns at the roundabouts.

The mini-roundabout project is being implemented on a trial basis. The roundabouts will be monitored to ensure they are effective in improving pedestrian safety and moving traffic along both Hwy 27 and the local road network. The majority of the project will involve line markings with bolt on modular sections envisioned for the roundabouts and islands.

Stuart Richardson
Alberta Transportation
Infrastructure Manager
Ph:  403-340-5209

Consultant: Cima+

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