Economic Development Projects

Here are a list of a few of our completed and ongoing projects: 

 1. - Destination Marketing Campaign: This advertising campaign began in 2015 as a partnership with private partners to promote Sundre's recreational and cultural amenities, both in town and nearby.  Supported so far by about $120,000 in Cooperative Marketing Grants from Travel Alberta, the campaign is set to continue for the foreseeable future.  The campaign features a single call-to-action - that is, to get people to visit the website. The website was made in-house, saving tax payers potentially several thousand dollars.  

2. Olds College Partnership DevelopmentThe partnership with Olds College's School of Business was developed in early 2015 with Sundre Economic Development, to provide free management consulting advice to local businesses as part of the college's project-based learning curriculum. To date, 8 businesses have been served by this first-of-its-kind program. 

3. Way-finding Directional Signage DevelopmentWay-finding signage refers to the branded signage that is placed throughout communities. This signage is intended to help visitors and residents alike find their way to specific destinations or neighbourhoods, while also reinforcing Sundre's brand and identity. Up to 11 signs have been installed during Phase 1 in 2016. Although graphic designers were used to develop the proposed look of the signs, the Way-finding plan is being developed in-house, saving tens of thousands in consultation fees. Phases 2 and 3, and future phases as the community grows, will be installed in the next couple of years. The striking new Visitor Information Centre sign structure is considered a way-finding sign for the purpose of this project.

4. Biomass Feedstock StudyThis project has been completed in partnership with two local businesses (Gap Creek Wood Products and Coleman Forestry Products) and the Province of Alberta, in order to quantify the amount of biomass material within a 100 km radius of the Town of Sundre. Biomass material can be used as feedstock in the production of diesel, plastics, and a multitude of other products.  Click here to see the completed feedstock mapping report.

5. Investment Attraction Planning: The department of economic development will be crafting an investment attraction plan and schedule to help recruit new investment into the Town of Sundre. 

6. Multi-use Education and Incubation Centre Pre-feasibility Research:  The department of economic development will be surveying local home-based businesses on their expansion plans and requirements, in order to determine the prospective viability of a business incubation centre being developed within the Town of Sundre. Incubation centres are useful for helping small businesses and not-for-profits move outside of the home in an affordable setting with shared administrative support.  Typically incubation centres act as the middle step before small businesses become fully independent in their own offices after moving out of the home.