Planning & Development

The Planning & Development Department plays a central role in land use planning and development within the community.  The department consists of three personnel: The Director of Planning & Operational Services; a Planner; and a Development Officer.   

Planning: The department is responsible for long-range planning and forecasting, reviewing subdivision applications, formulating land use plans and policies, and conducting consultation on proposed land use changes.  The department is responsible for the Municipal Development Plan that provides a broad planning framework to manage the future growth and change for the Town.  The plan is a key component towards the health and prosperity of the Town of Sundre and guides developers and residents on a variety of land use and development issues.  The department actively provides a variety of advice and services in land use planning and community development.

Development: The department administers all building and development permitting, manages the issuance of compliance certificate process, and ensures that building and renovation design meets specifications as outlined in the Land Use Bylaw.  They also work closely with Superior Safety Codes (our contracted inspector) to ensure that all residential, commercial and industrial properties are constructed to meet or exceed the Alberta Building Code and related regulations.


Special Note on High Intensity Residential Fires

HIRF: High Intensity Residential Fires (HIRF) are fires involving rapid heat release and fire spread beyond the point of origin that usually involves adjacent buildings. These fires also typically include the early exposure of large amounts of combustible materials.  Where a fire department in a municipality cannot respond to a fire in less than 10 minutes, buildings must be located farther away from the property line or provided with additional fire protection, such as non-combustible siding, no side-yard windows and/or sprinkler systems.