Council Remuneration Review Committee

The Town of Sundre is seeking volunteers to sit on a Council Remuneration Review Committee in early 2018.  The Committeeis tasked with examining the level of remuneration for members of Council for the Town of Sundre. The Committee will examine compensation packages using a list of comparator municipalities, and make recommendations to Council in respect to an appropriate level of compensation. The Committee must ensure openness, public input and transparency within the process. Municipalities used for comparison will be determined by the Committee, taking into account location, geographic size, total population, and municipal structure, as well as any other comparable information deemed relevant by the Committee.


Council Remuneration Review Committee



Municipal Government Act


The Committee will function as an Ad-Hoc Committee of Council

The role of the Committee is to research, develop, and present a report with recommendations concerning Council Remuneration for the Term 2018-2021.

The Committee will present a report to Town of Sundre Administration.

Areas to be addressed include:

  • Salary for Mayor and Councillors, including methodology, comparators and frequency
  • Per Diem – amount and application
  • Benefits
  • Expenses
  • Mileage
  • Any other matter directly related to Council remuneration



Up to 5 members of the Public as appointed by Council and the

Town of Sundre, Chief Administrative Officer (non-voting member).


The Committee’s Mandate will expire once Town of Sundre Council has approved the rate of remuneration for the 2018–2021 Council Term.

MEETING TIME           

 Meetings will be held at the call of the Chair, as required.


Volunteer position


Ability to work in a team environment, communicate effectively, commit time to attend meetings, familiarity with local government and the roles and responsibilities of a municipal Council, understanding of financial and accounting principles, understanding of elements of compensation, skill in research and analysis, experience in business, management, government, or community organizations.

Please contact Legislative Services at 403.638.3551 ext. 114 for further information, or to submit your application for consideration. 

Remuneration Committee Application