Broadband Fibre Optics

Sundre's Broadband Opportunity 

February 21 Update on Broadband Feasibility Research Report to Council 

The Town of Sundre has partnered with Banister Research to conduct a census-level survey to determine:

a) the market demand for broadband fibre optics; and

b) which business model the public supports - a privatized network, or a publicly-owned network. 

Come May 9th to the Sundre Community Centre to learn about what fibre optic infrastructure is, what it represents for the socioeconomic vitality of the community, and the pros and cons of each business model. This will help you make a more informed decision when you respond to our survey.

Surveys may be completed at the presentation - be sure to bring the unique PIN that will be mailed to your household shortly.

WHAT: Presentations on Sundre's Broadband Opportunity

WHEN: May 9th; 10am, 12pm, and 5:30pm

WHERE: Sundre Community Centre

WHO: Town of Sundre residents and businesses only 

Surveys can be completed either online using a unique identifying number assigned to every household and business property, or via telephone.  A door-to-door campaign will be conducted near the end of the survey period to try and connect with households that did not have the opportunity to complete the survey elsewhere. 

Sundre May 9th Presentation times:

10am - Presentation to the General Public with focus on Seniors' community 

12pm - Lunch hour presentation to the Business and Medical community

5:30pm - Presentation to the General Public

Presentation Poster


Do the Survey for your Household Right Now 

Only one survey may be completed per household. Doing the survey online will require you to enter an 8-digit PIN that uniquely identifies your home address. If you do not wish to conduct the survey online, you may call a toll-free number to conduct it with a live operator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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