About E-Services

 E-Services provides online access to two kinds of information for interested public users:

  • general property assessment information
  • personal account information

To access property assessment information, no personal identification number (PIN) is needed, however you will need to provide a street address, legal land description or roll number to perform a search.   Click on the red login arrow then select "All Assessments".  Enter the search criteria in the boxes provided.

To access personal account information, please visit the Town office to obtain your PIN.   Use the PIN number and password to Login to “My Accounts” for your account payment history or account balances.  The personal account information is available if you have a property tax account, utility account, accounts receivable account, animal license and/or business license with the Town of Sundre.

Companies that have established an accounts receivable account for the purpose of obtaining tax certificates on a regular basis may also access the certificates through E-services, by establishing a PIN and password.

As the Town offers several methods of making payments, we do not currently provide a payment option through E-Services.  This is solely for researching information.  If you require further information about “how to make payment”, please refer to the “How Do I….” tab on our menu bar.